OE Vs Slotted Vs Drilled & Slotted Rotors For WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Replacing or upgrading your brakes is something most Grand Cherokee owners will have to do once or twice during their ownership. Brake components are designed to wear down over time as they are used every time you drive your vehicle. While many simply change the brake pads, the brake rotors need to be checked at the same time too.

When choosing new rotors for your WK2 Jeep, there will be a few different options you can choose from. Today, we will look at the difference between OE, slotted, and drilled & slotted rotors to better understand which is best for your car.

What Rotors Are Best For My Car?

To drill down your rotor options, you must consider what you will use the vehicle for. You can narrow down your choices by deciding if you want factory-like performance for a direct replacement or if you want to spend a little more money for better braking performance.


An OE replacement rotor will be a perfect option for those who simply want a budget-friendly, direct replacement rotor that offers factory-like performance. These rotors are great for standard brake jobs and Grand Cherokees that are daily driven where upgraded performance isn’t always needed. These will usually be your cheapest option when compared to slotted or drilled and slotted brake rotors, as they are easier to produce and are not built to handle higher temperatures.


Slotted rotors are rotors that feature a slot design that helps to dissipate heat for better braking performance. While slotted rotors are a good upgrade for daily-driven, non-tracked Cherokees, they are a must-have for those who track their SUVs. You will need better brakes to stop faster when adding performance parts and increasing your horsepower. Slotted rotors can be a huge help for any style of driving.

Dilled & Slotted

If you want the ultimate brake rotor upgrade for your Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can choose drilled and slotted rotors. Drilled and slotted rotors are similar to slotted rotors but will have holes drilled in them to increase heat dissipation. The holes are drilled all of the way through the rotor to allow heat to escape more quickly, making them a must-have for any higher-horsepower Grand Cherokee.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Brake Rotors From KOW Performance

KOW Performance is your #1 source for Grand Cherokee performance brake rotors. We offer a wide selection of slotted and drilled and slotted rotor packages that include brake pads for the ultimate brake upgrade.

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