Does A Larger Throttle Body Make A Difference?

In the world of engine modifications, you can do various upgrades to add power and performance to your vehicle. At the basics of making power, you will need better air intake and exhaust to allow your engine to be more efficient and create more horsepower and torque. Today, we will look at how a larger throttle body can help you gain more power.

What Is A Throttle Body?

A throttle body is a device that installs between your intake manifold and intake tubing that opens when you push the throttle to let air into your engine. The throttle body is equipped with a metal blade that is controlled by your accelerator pedal either by wire or electronically. Many enthusiasts opt for a larger throttle body to increase the air delivered to their engine.

What Are The Benefits Of Upgrading To A Larger Throttle Body?

Upgrading to a larger throttle body has many different benefits, including:

Better Throttle Response

A larger throttle body will give you a better throttle response as you will get more air each time you push your gas pedal.

More Air

With more surface area within the throttle body and a large blade, you can bring in more air, which is needed on boosted or high-horsepower applications.

Increased Performance

With more air comes more performance, which is why most people add a larger throttle body to their vehicles. These throttle bodies have been dyno tested by the manufacturer to increase horsepower and torque.

Better Looks In Engine Bay

Lastly, an aftermarket throttle body simply looks better in your engine bay. Many throttle bodies feature polished or anodized finishes to help give your engine a great new look.

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