5 Suspension Upgrades For WK2 Grand Cherokee SRT

The WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is a very performance-inspired vehicle from the factory, offering unrivaled upgrades compared to other SUVs on the market. It did not take long for enthusiasts to start modding these vehicles, throwing the book at them and pushing them to their limits. While upgrading exhaust, wheels, and engine performance are great, you can’t neglect the suspension. 

Your suspension is key to ensuring all your power is transferred to the ground, and your vehicle handles as it should. When upgrading your engine and other parts of your Cherokee, you will need to upgrade your suspension to handle the additional power. Today, we will look at five great suspension upgrades you can do to improve your Grand Cherokee SRT handle.

5 Ways To Upgrade Your WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee Suspension

Lowering Springs

Lowering springs are one of the most popular upgrades for any vehicle, not just the Grand Cherokee. Lowering springs give you a lower center of gravity for increased handling, suspension performance, and better looks.

Alignment Package

A WK2 alignment package includes adjustable control arms, upgraded front and rear sway bar links, camber kits, and grease fittings to upgrade your suspension for higher horsepower builds and make for easier alignments when lowering your vehicle. 

Differential Brace

If you make some serious horsepower and torque in your Grand Cherokee, you will want to get a differential brace. Popular in the MOPAR community, a differential brace help to create a bridge on each rear frame to give you better stability under high-speed cornering and reduce wheel hop during launching. These are usually made from ¼” steel and include your choice of poly or Delrin bushings. 

Aftermarket Sway Bar

Sway bars are another very common suspension upgrade for any vehicle. An upgrade sway bar is important for larger vehicles like the Grand Cherokee, where you will need more stability, especially if you will be taking your vehicle on the track..

Swaybar Links

Lastly, upgraded sway bar links should be added if you are upgrading your sway bar. These are the notorious weak links on the Grand Cherokee SRT and can easily help to increase the suspension performance of your SUV. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee Suspension Upgrades From KOW Performance

KOW Performance is your #1 source for Grand Cherokee performance suspension. We offer a wide selection of suspension upgrades to help get your SRT SUV handling and performing better than ever!

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