Does My Hellcat Need An Oil Separator?

When adding modifications to your Dodge Hellcat, not everything needs to be about increasing horsepower or improving the look. Sometimes, you need to add a modification to help maintain your supercharged engine to keep it running its best at all times. One of the best things you can do for your Hellcat is add an oil separator. Today, we will look at what an oil separator is and what it does for your Hellcat engine.

What Is An Oil Separator?

An oil separator, sometimes called an oil catch can, is usually made up of two hoses and a catch can. The hoses connect to your engine to draw out air vapor that is contaminated with oil, filter the oil into the catch can, and then redistribute the air back into the engine. This helps to prevent your supercharger from getting coated with oil, which will harm performance and require cleaning. Oil separators look very similar from model to model, but each kit features specifically designed brackets and hoses for a perfect fit and finish. Each kit will be made to mount in a factory-like location for a clean look that is out of the way of any moving parts.

Does My Hellcat Need An Oil Separator?

Yes. Your Hellcat needs an oil separator. While the Hellcat engines have built-in oil separators in the valve covers, adding an aftermarket oil separator will only add to the protection of your engine. Oil separators are always suggested on any forced induction vehicle, such as a supercharged or turbocharged vehicle. Without one, you can risk oil coating the inside of your supercharger and intercooler, reducing power and requiring extensive repair. Installing an oil separator can actually save you money in the long run.

How Often Should I Empty My Oil Separator?

Oil separators should be checked every 500-1000 miles to gauge how much oil you are collecting. Most can be emptied at every oil change, but it is a good habit to check it once a month until you know how much oil your specific oil separator catches. This is also a great time to check your oil and ensure your oil does not need to be changed earlier than expected.

How Much Oil Does An Oil Separator Hold?

Most oil separators are built to hold 3oz of oil before they need to be emptied. This can change from manufacturer to manufacturer but 3oz is usually standard for most separators.

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