3 Easy Ways To Increase Horsepower In Your Hellcat

The Hellcat is easily one of Dodge’s flagship vehicles and is offered on both the Charger and Challenger Platform. Although there were two different Hellcats, they featured the same great 700+ 6.2L Supercharged Hemi. While this is plenty of horsepower for even the most experienced car enthusiasts, there is always room for more. At KOW Performance, we offer a wide selection of horsepower-increasing mods for the Hellcat. Today, we will look at 3 of the easiest mods to increase horsepower in your Hellcat.

Cold Air Intake

As one of the most popular modifications for any vehicle, a cold air intake is a great upgrade for the Hellcat. Supercharged engines, like the 6.2L found in the Hellcat, respond greatly to cold air intakes, meaning you can pick up a few horsepowers from this easy bolt-on. Best of all, it helps to add a great new look to your engine alongside that large supercharger.

Exhaust Kit

Another mod that supercharged vehicles respond greatly to is a free-flowing exhaust. Don’t get us wrong; Dodge did an amazing job outfitting the Hellcat with an upgraded exhaust from your lower-level Charger and Challenger models. However, aftermarket companies have researched and developed exhaust kits that increase horsepower, add a more aggressive exhaust tone and add a cleaner look to your Hellcat.

Throttle Body

Lastly, a throttle body can allow your engine to bring in more air for even more power. The Hellcat has a stock throttle body size of 92mm. With BBK’s 100mm throttle body, you get increased power that only gets better when paired with a cold air intake and a performance exhaust kit. 

Dodge Hellcat Performance Parts

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