Top 3 Cat Back Exhaust Kits For Dodge Challenger

As car enthusiasts, we just can’t leave any car alone, let alone one designed for performance. A new exhaust is one of the first mods most of us add to any vehicle. The rumble from an aftermarket exhaust and added horsepower is the perfect combination to transform the sound and performance of your car. When it comes to Dodge Challengers, Dodge knocked it out of the part with the style, performance, and comfort. What better way to modify your Challenger than with a new cat-back exhaust? 

Best Cat-Back Exhaust Kits For Dodge Challenger

At KOW Performance, we offer some of the highest-quality Dodge Challenger cat-back exhaust kits from the most popular brands in the industry. Our dedication to offering only the best brands allows you to get a great exhaust, no matter which brand you choose. Today, we will look at the 3 most popular cat-back exhaust kits for Dodge Challengers to help give you a better idea of which kit you may want for your Challenger.


Starting with one of the most well-known exhaust companies, Borla has become one of the most recognizable and trustworthy brands in the industry over the past few decades. With an extensive catalog of exhaust kits for just about every vehicle imaginable, Borla’s unique deep tone can transform the sound of any car, truck, or SUV. The ATAK system, Borla’s most popular cat-back kit, is used on many Dodge Challengers to produce that true, classic muscle car sound. To get the most from your Borla cat-back exhaust kit, pair it up with a mid-pipe or headers.


Another well establishes, and highly-trusted brand is Corsa Performance. Corsa has been in business for nearly 3 decades and produces high-end exhaust kits for various vehicles. From the popular S197 Mustangs to the newest Dodge Challengers, Corsa is the perfect addition to any modern V8 muscle car. Corsa has a rigorous quality control that ensures every exhaust component produced in their facility meets their strict standards of excellence. Corsa cat-back exhaust kits for Dodge Challengers are a very popular modification as the exhaust tone and performance gains are hard to beat.


Last but certainly not least on our list is Advanced Flow Engineering, or aFe Power. Compared to Borla and Corsa, aFe Power is still a relatively new company. Still, their high-quality exhaust components have boosted their reputation quickly, putting them in direct competition with many well-established brands. aFe has designed, built, and tested hundreds of products in the USA and offers products for a wide variety of vehicles. For the Dodge Challenger, aFe offers a couple of different cat-back exhaust systems. Pair them up with a set of aFe long tube headers, and you will have a great sounding and high-performance exhaust setup.

Dodge Challenger Exhaust Kits From KOW Performance

If you are looking for the best cat-back exhaust kits for Dodge Challengers, look no further than KOW Performance. KOW Performance offers some of the best products from the most popular brands for all Dodge vehicles. Check out our full selection of Dodge Challenger exhaust kits to get your vehicle sounding and performing better.

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