Upgrade Your Camaro With AWE Exhaust

As one of the first upgrades many car enthusiasts do, upgrading your exhaust system is a right of passage for most. There are few modifications that give you the same great difference that you get from a louder, more performance-oriented exhaust. That is why AWE Performance has created various performance exhaust systems for the Chevrolet Camaro. Let’s take a look at how you can upgrade your exhaust with AWE.

Upgrade Your Camaro With AWE Exhaust

Why Should I Upgrade My Camaro Exhaust?

While Chevrolet did a great job of giving the Camaro a great-sounding exhaust from the factory, there was plenty of room for improvement. Much like any consumer sports car, the OEM exhaust was built to satisfy a wide range of consumers and to meet certain EPA restrictions. With an aftermarket exhaust, such as an AWE exhaust kit, you will get larger exhaust pipes and a more efficient design that is tuned for performance and sound in mind.

Who Is AWE Exhaust?

AWE Exhaust is an aftermarket automotive performance company that specializes in high-quality exhaust systems. As a US-based company, AWE is well known for their performance-enhancing exhaust kits and distinctive sound profiles. AWE offers a wide selection of exhaust kits for a variety of vehicles, from sports cars to SUVs.

What Kits Does AWE Offer For Chevrolet Camaro?

Touring Edition Exhaust:

The Touring Edition Catback is for drivers who like their BOXER rumble to be deep, hearty, and full of crackles all without any interior drone at cruising speeds. Comprised of 3” and 2.5” T304L stainless steel with a hefty wall thickness of .065”, the Touring Edition features a bullet-style resonator in the mid-pipe and a set of patented 180 Technology® resonators residing in the rear to decimate any drone-prone frequencies from the exhaust note while keeping the flow of power uninterrupted.

Thanks to the design and construction of 180 Technology® resonators, the internals will not break down and degrade over time causing tone change. Full-bodied rumble for life from the point of installation.

This configuration provides the best ratio of interior refinement and exterior rumble on the market.

Track Edition Exhaust:

For those looking to crank it to 11 with no intention of turning it down, Track Edition is your dose of steel.

The Track Edition retains all of the precision engineering from the Touring Edition, and the bullet-style resonator in the mid-pipe, minus AWE’s drone-canceling 180 Technology® resonators in the rear. The result? FA24 rumble with minimal filter, both in and out of the cabin, at all speeds.

This version is known to get rowdy and may be too much for many. For that reason, this particular version cannot be returned due to sound preference. Prepare yourself.

Chevrolet Camaro AWE Exhaust From KOW Performance

At KOW Performance, we are proud to offer AWE exhaust kits for the Chevrolet Camaro platform. With a simple bolt on design and high-quality materials, you will be getting the best of the best exhaust for your Camaro with AWE exhaust. Shop our full selection of Chevrolet Camaro AWE Exhaust today!

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