Top 5 Mods For Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is not the first vehicle most enthusiasts think about when dreaming up a modded SUV, but with the recent years bringing the Trackhawk to the scene, this has drastically changed. The aftermarket has developed many new mods and accessories for the Jeep Grand Cherokee, allowing enthusiasts to really make these SUVs stand out.

Top 5 Mods For Jeep Grand Cherokee

Air Intakes

One of the first mods for just about any vehicle is a performance air intake. Aftermarket Jeep Grand Cherokee air intakes allow you to bring in more air to make more horsepower and torque from your engine. While these kits make more dyno-proven horsepower, they are also a great way to upgrade the looks of your engine. Aftermarket cold air intakes are offered in everything from OEM-like ABS plastic for a factory look to a bolder look with chrome or carbon fiber.

Exhaust Kits

If you are looking to give your Jeep Grand Cherokee a great new aggressive exhaust tone while freeing up a few extra horsepower and torque, aftermarket exhaust is the way to go. Offering the biggest brands in the industry, KOW Performance has everything you need to get your Jeep sounding better than ever. Not wanting to upgrade your entire exhaust? Choose from our great exhaust tip selection for a new look without the full exhaust commitment. 

Lowering Springs

For those who are looking to get a more aggressive stance and better performance from their suspension, Jeep Grand Cherokee lowering springs are a great way to mod your vehicle. Lowering springs replace your factory springs with springs that are designed to lower your SUV up to a couple of inches. Choose from a variety of different lowering springs from great manufacturers to get the perfect stance on your Jeep. 


The ultimate upgrade for any Jeep Grand Cherokee is a set of aftermarket wheels. Upgrading your factory wheels to a set of aftermarket wheels is a great way to transform the look of your Jeep while getting better performance if you choose a lighter wheel. KOW Performance offers a wide variety of wheels for Jeep Grand Cherokees from some of the largest brands in the industry.

WeatherTech Floor Mats

Last but not least is a set of WeatherTech Floor Mats. While they are not as exciting as a new set of wheels or a nice, loud exhaust kit, they are functional and can preserve your vehicle’s interior. WeatherTech floor mats are durable, form-fitted floor mats that can be sprayed off and dried for quick and easy cleaning. These floor mats are becoming a very popular upgrade for those wanting to preserve their factory floor mats, make cleaning their car easier, and protect their expensive carpet.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Mods From KOW Performance

If you are ready to mod your Jeep Grand Cherokee with the best brands in the industry, KOW Performance is here to help. Offering all of the parts above plus many more for the Jeep Grand Cherokee, KOW Performance is your #1 source for Jeep Grand Cherokee mods. Visit our site to shop the hottest mods!

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