Top 5 Mods For Dodge Durango

Looking to enhance the performance and style of your Dodge Durango? At KOW Performance, we specialize in providing quality cold air kits for Dodge vehicles. To help you take your Durango to the next level, we’ve compiled a list of the top five mods for a successful upgrade.

Top 5 Mods For Dodge Durango

Lowering Springs

Upgrade your Durango’s suspension with a set of lowering springs. Lowering springs provide enhanced handling by lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity. The lowered stance also gives your Durango an aggressive look. Lowering springs range from budget-friendly options to high-performance designs that offer customizable settings. With a reputable brand such as Eibach or H&R, you can improve your Durango’s handling and bring your ride to a whole new level.

Aftermarket Wheels

New wheels provide a stylish upgrade to any car, and the Durango is no exception. Aftermarket wheels not only add a new look to your vehicle, but they can also improve handling and increase performance. With a lighter set of wheels, your Durango will experience better acceleration and braking. KOW Performance is proud to offer Dodge Durango wheels from the biggest names in the industry.


Breathe new life into your Durango’s engine and improve its sound with an aftermarket exhaust. Upgrading the exhaust allows for better airflow, which is essential for improved performance. Additionally, an aftermarket exhaust gives your Durango an impressive rumble that cannot be matched by its stock counterpart. Research different options to determine which exhaust system best fits your budget and desired sound.

Cold Air Intakes

If you’re looking for a simple upgrade that packs a powerful punch, consider installing a cold air intake. Cold air intakes are engineered to increase airflow to your engine, improving its performance and fuel economy. By allowing your engine to breathe easier, a cold air intake will help to maximize your Durango’s horsepower and torque. Brands like K&N and AFE offer high-quality options that will give you the enhanced performance you’re after.

Throttle Body

For an additional boost in performance, consider upgrading your Durango’s throttle body. The throttle body regulates the amount of air that enters the engine, and upgrading to a larger size can increase airflow, leading to improved acceleration and performance. Most throttle bodies are made from durable materials like aluminum and come with easy-to-follow instructions for installation. Research different brands such as BBK and Holley to find the throttle body that is right for your Durango.

Dodge Durango Mods From KOW Performance

Whether you are looking to enhance the style or performance of your Dodge Durango, there are plenty of options available to you. From lowering springs to aftermarket wheels, upgrading your exhaust or cold air intake, or upgrading your car’s throttle body, these five mods will bring your Durango to a new level. At KOW Performance, we know that you’re passionate about your car, so we’re here to help you get the most out of your ride. Contact us today to learn more about our quality cold air kits for Dodge vehicles and other performance car parts!

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