Top 3 Cat Back Exhaust Kits For Dodge Hellcat

Upgrading a vehicle's exhaust is one of the first things we do as car enthusiasts. Not only does it add a great new sound, it can also free up some horsepower and torque. When done correctly, the deep rumble of an aftermarket exhaust is music to a car lover’s ears. On performance vehicles such as the Dodge Hellcat, the factory exhaust was great for baseline performance and flowed better than most OEM exhaust kits. While this was great, as car enthusiasts, we always see an opportunity for improvement, especially when it comes to the exhaust. 

Best Cat-Back Exhaust Kits For Dodge Hellcat

At KOW Performance, we offer some of the best cat-back exhaust kits for Dodge Hellcats. A cat-back exhaust kit is the section of your exhaust that bolts on after the catalytic converters or mid-pipe. These are easy to install as they are a simple bolt-on installation that requires no modification. Today, we will look at the top 3 cat-back exhaust kits for your Dodge Hellcat.


First up on our list is a classic exhaust company that has made its name in the industry by producing some of the highest-quality exhaust systems. Borla Exhaust makes many exhaust products for an extensive catalog of vehicles and is usually chosen due to their high-quality manufacturing and fantastic sound. Their most popular cat-back kit, the ATAK system, is used on many modified Hellcats and presents one of the most profound sounds. Pair it up with a mid-pipe or headers, and you will have an exhaust system that will outperform the competition.


With over 25 years under its belts, Corsa has delivered high-end exhaust components to car enthusiasts across the industry. From Ford Mustangs to the newest Corvettes, Corsa has a little bit of everything for everyone. Corsa is known for producing high-quality components with rigorous quality control to ensure each exhaust component is up to its standards. Corsa cat-back exhaust kits for Dodge Hellcats are a very popular modification as the exhaust tone, and performance gains are hard to beat.


Advanced Flow Engineering, or aFe Power, is one of the newest brands in the industry when compared to Borla and Corsa, but they are quickly making a name for themselves. With a vast catalog of performance parts, aFe has designed, built, and tested hundreds of products in the USA. From performance gasoline cars to high-power diesel trucks, aFe has performance parts for just about everything. For the Dodge Hellcat, aFe offers a few different cat-back exhaust systems. Pair them up with a set of aFe long tube headers, and you will have a great sounding and high-performance exhaust setup.

Dodge Hellcat Exhaust Kits From KOW Performance

If you are looking for the best cat-back exhaust kits for Dodge Hellcats, look no further than KOW Performance. KOW Performance offers some of the best products from the most popular brands for all SRT vehicles. Check out our full selection of Dodge Hellcat exhaust kits to get your vehicle sounding and performing better than ever.

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