Dodge Challenger Wheel Torque Specs

When adding new wheels to your Dodge Challenger or replacing your factory wheels after working on your car, you will need to know the proper wheel torque specs to safely install your wheels onto your car. Today, we will look at what wheel torque specs are, the proper wheel torque specs for Dodge Challengers, and how to properly torque your wheels.

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What Are Wheel Torque Specs?

Wheel torque specs refer to the specific amount of rotational force that should be applied to the lug nuts when installing the wheels on a vehicle. The vehicle manufacturer often provides this specification, which is critical to ensure that the wheel is securely fastened to the hub. 

Failure to adhere to the recommended torque specs can result in several negative outcomes, including improper alignment, uneven tire wear, and even dangerous accidents. It's essential to use a torque wrench to accurately measure and apply the correct amount of torque required for the particular vehicle and wheel. 

Additionally, it's important to note that torque specs may vary depending on the type of wheel, the type of vehicle, and other variables. By following proper torque specs, drivers can ensure their safety and the safety of others on the road.

Dodge Challenger Wheel Torque Specs





Torque Spec




20” Base/SRT-8

110 Ft Lbs




Hellcat/SRT 392

115 Ft Lbs





130 Ft Lbs




SRT Hellcat

111 Ft Lbs / 130 Ft Lbs

How to Ensure Proper Wheel Torque

Ensuring that your Dodge Challenger wheel torque is correct is simple but requires some attention to detail. Here are some essential tips to help:

  1. Use a torque wrench to tighten the lug nuts to the Dodge Challenger wheel torque specification.
  2. Tightening the lug nuts should always be done in a star pattern, moving across the wheel from one lug nut to another.
  3. After approximately 100 miles of driving with new wheels, re-torque them to ensure proper alignment and security.
  4. If you have any questions regarding your wheel torque specs, consult your vehicle manual or a professional mechanic.

Dodge Challenger Wheels At KOW Performance

Whether adding new wheels to your Challenger or putting your factory wheels back on after a repair, knowing the proper torque specs for your lug nuts is crucial. We hope that the above guide helps you better understand the required torque specs for your Dodge Challenger. If you are in the market for new wheels for your vehicle, check out our full selection of Dodge Challenger wheels.

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